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As an intern, you will be working closely with HR Department and will get exposure to the whole gamut of HR such as Recruitment, Operations, Salary & Compliance, etc.

K2India is a New Delhi-based multidisciplinary design and architectural firm constituted, in 2010, by Sunita Kohli (Padma Shri, 1992) and her Pratt Institute-educated architect daughter, Kohelika Kohli. It was established, as their brand, to bring all the design disciplines practiced by their various companies, under one umbrella. K2India is driven by the pursuit of excellence and quality. They strongly believe that one's surroundings directly influence the quality of one's life - whether in the workplace, at home, or the public spaces in between. Their approach is rooted in a firm belief that design is fundamental to improving the quality of life, and with an integrated and unified approach, it can become a totally functional and living WORK OF ART.

5000 per month