Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Work on hiring 2. Work on employee payroll management 3. Work on employee management Also should be available full time on company payroll after completion of internship.

Katchin Tech is a team of 50+ highly-skilled UI/UX Designers, Graphic Art Designers, Website Designers, Blockchain Developers, Web Application Developers, iOS App Developers, Android App Developers, Microsoft App Developers, Search Engine Marketers, Search Engine Optimizers, Social Media Marketing Experts, and Cloud Consultants. Each member of team comes with good experience in his/her relevant field. We have been around 2016 and during that time we have created graphics arts, websites, web and desktop applications, Native Mobile Apps [iOS Apps, (iPhone, iPAd, Apple Watch), Android App, Microsoft Apps] and cross-platform mobile apps (hybrid apps) for clients ranging from corporate giants to medium and small enterprises, and even the startups. We design, develop and market web , Blockchain and mobile applications. But that’s not the only thing we are known for. Our company - Katchin Tech Private LTD is known for helping the clients achieve their business objectives rather than just providing them IT services.

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