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Internships Modules

Responsibilities: • End-to-end in-house recruitment. • Post new positions on websites and job boards. • Sourcing candidates from various platforms. • Scheduling interviews. • Coordinating with the candidates. Skills and Qualifications: • Good communication and interpersonal skills capable of maintaining strong relationships. • Quick learner and ready to learn new things • Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate field of study. • Should be comfortable working independently, and in a team environment, as required. • High sense of urgency and strong follow-through is essential. • Must have the ability to effectively manage and prioritize multiple search requests based on resource needs. • Ability to complete work projects with speed and accuracy, often under pressure and/or short deadlines. • Nice to have technical skills and knowledge of MS Office.

Monkhub is a digital innovation company. We are passionate about developing and delivering great services. We use design thinking, creativity, innovation, and an analytical approach to solve complex problems and create a timeless experience that helps our partners positively impact their businesses, customers, and community. Our team is dedicated like monks as our ethics are hard work and integrity.

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