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We are providing #Internships on #Java, #Python, #Android, #Php, #Embedded, #IOT, #Matlab, #Digital Marketing, #Web Development, #Big data Hadoop, #Data Analytics and #HR. You will be working on live projects so that you will be getting maximum of practical knowledge. Work with guidance and get practically strong. Eligibility:Any Graduate, Students pursuing Graduation Benefits of internship: -Knowledge on the technology -Project Training and Implementation -Internship Certificate.

ech learning Solution (TLS) is a centre of excellence in information & technology. TLS offers extensive training courses designed to upskill a workforce and provide job opportunities for candidates. TLS certifies and trains candidates in the latest technologies to equip candidates with the aptitude required to excel. The primary goal of TLS is to produce strategic training outcomes that will meet the demands of a growing IT workforce. Creating strategies to minimize the Resource Quality Gap (RQG) between employers and job seekers, TLS has a dedicated faculty of experts, refurbishing core aspects that base professionalism and work culture.

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