Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Understanding and analyzing the training needs of individuals and corporates by doing primary and secondary marketing research\r\n2. Creating database of prospective sponsors/advertisers/corporate/colleges\r\n3. Connecting with prospective sponsors/advertisers/colleges/corporates\r\n4. Presenting them the most suitable program based on an assessment of the needs

We at BIZWIZ multiply the success of individuals and organizations by providing experiential and interactive performance improvement solutions in the areas of leadership, sales, productivity, finance and wealth through innovative programs. We strive to provide an assortment of innovative offerings, global and local, through our various value-added services and partners. We offer a total person/organization growth package with our partners like LMI, MotiLalOswal&SimVenture. Our core differentiation is that unlike Transactional programs (which give a wow at the time of delivery but nothing changes and people go back to doing whatever they were doing) our programs are delivered for a long duration. This enables the Learn, Introspect (using LMI session tools) and applies the learning. The impact is experiential learning and application producing better results even during the course of the intervention.

Certificate, Letter of recommendation, Job offer.