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Please fill the form to join the internship using the given link. You can copy the link in the new tab. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Externsjoining 1. Collecting and analyzing supporting information to the project 2. Making marketing strategies 3. Develop Proposals 4. formulate strategies for business development

D'Well Research validates and explores each stage of open innovation using user experience research from the field globally. Our area of expertise is market intelligence, user experience research and open innovation consulting. We have full-fledged field team globally for executing user experience studies in various sectors like healthcare (pharma, medical equipment, insurance, food, treatment), automotive (automobiles, accessories), smart touch devices (mobile phones, computers, tv), finance (banking, insurance), FMCG, agriculture (crop science, cultivation, biotech, agriculture equipment), lifestyle (fashion, day/nightlife, family, education). We support the client team in developing new phones, apps, websites, operating systems, medical equipment, cars, insurance and finance products, electronic circuits, apparel, packaging, advertising concepts, industrial products, etc. Our vision - "To be the global market intelligence center for innovation."

Certificate, Experience, Personal Growth, Live Projects, Stipend