Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

The interns will be required to formulate and implement social media marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy and offline marketing strategy. The work will be based on comfort level of interns. If the intern is comfortable in calling potential leads, then he/she will also be given the work accordingly. He/she may also be given work to meet new people, form relationships and explain services of our organization. The interns may also assist our team in formulating lead generation strategy. The interns will be required to conduct market research about the business needs of people in his/her country and he/she will be required to devise a plan to help us in fulfilling the needs of the people. For this, the interns may conduct surveys, polls, questionnaires and any other helpful tool on his/her disposal. The interns will be required to make strategies on improving the delivery of our services to our potential and existing customers. For this, he/ she may collaborate with our internal team and give them ideas to improve quality of services according to needs of our clients. For this, he/she may take feedback from our clients.

AGASS full form is Ashwani Gupta and Associates. The company was established in 1978 by founder Ashwani Gupta. Since then, the company has been providing various services to its clients like book keeping, auditing, balance sheet preparation, finance consultation, business consultation, management consultation, GST matters, tax matters, return filing, advertising and marketing services etc.

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