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Internships Modules

Intern Day to Day task includes:- 1. Software handling for sales 2. Offline Marketing

LBD Robotics is an organization based on the principles of technology and its innovation. We at LBD Robotics firmly believe that each individual is capable of understanding and developing the pioneering technologies of the world. All they need is a place where they can learn, build and develop these technologies. That's the foundation on which LBD stands, Let's Build and Develop. At LBD Robotics, we build products that are the pioneers of the modern world. These products are filled with innovation and are affordable at the same time. Be it a small LED Bulb or a major industrial robot, we aim at providing a smart and affordable solution for each and every sector of technology. Come learn with us and then work for the development of what you have learned in order to contribute for the Development of the nation. Another one of our targets is to revolutionize the School education by building a curriculum that is more hands on rather than the traditional theoritical methods of learning. We believe that the more practically a student can see things happen, the better will they learn and develop their roots. Kids are the future of our nation. We need to make a foundation that's always ready to revolutionize the present into a better future. LBD Robotics consistently aims towards achieving this target. LBD Robotics also works on the College segment providing continuous support to different colleges across the state by setting up Robotics labs, conducting seminars, teaching robotics and electronics to students and make the get ready for the upcoming challenges. Our aim here is to make each college student aware of the technology, machinery and the softwares that they are to face in the future. We aim at building their skills to a point where they can work with us and other industries to help develop new technologies. We at LBD Robotics are consistently working in order to change the nation and making it a better place that is developed, sustainable and has a strong foundation for a better future. Come and build with us. We await your arrival.

Certification of Internship,Letter of recommendation,Pre-Placement Offer