Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

● You will have the important role of reaching out to potential schools in your city and onboarding them for our school contact program activity. ● As per requirements, you will be required to either contact schools through personal meetings with school authorities or through phone calls. ● You will have to reach out to our pre-set list of schools and try to achieve our projected targets in each state across India. ● You will be the owner of end to end execution of schools allotted to you in your city and will be working closely with lido marketing managers. ● Creating daily and weekly reports to be reviewed, discussed and optimized by managers. ● PS: All school details and support will be given to you. You just need to reach out to them.

LIDO is an Ed-tech company revolutionizing the online classroom experience for every child in India! For the best learning experience, we provide live online classes with upto 6 students and a lido certified tutor. Lido also offers an unlimited interactive library, personalized homework, a gamified platform, detailed performance reports and a parent app to ensure verifiable improved results. We support grades K-9 in Maths, Science, English and Coding!

1. Incentives upto Rs. 10000/- per month 2. You will get to meet with and interact with top-level school executives like school principals and vice-principals so you can majorly upgrade your interpersonal skills. 3. Top performers will get a recommendation letter and an opportunity to join lido as full-time employees. 4. Experience of working in a super fast growing start-up in the fastest growing industry in the country right now. 5. Get to be part of the education revolution in India through Lido Learning.