Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Calling hospitals and medical institutions. 2. Communicating with various doctors or stakeholders to know about their mode of working, either manually or with the use of software. 3. Explaining the advantages of using Simbo's EMR/EHR software Platform to them. 4. Creating impact and influences the doctors. 5. Get knowledge and information of different software which others are using and their advantages and disadvantages. 6. Make records of different finding of the research on market basis. 7. Report to management on a daily basis. 8. Creating references and goodwill in the Market. 9. Ensure to capture the customer utilization and drive the engagement within deadlines. 10. Should have good marketing and negotiable skill.

company is the most progressive and natural upgrade in the medicinal field till date with its human-like skills to comprehend all healthcare stakeholders' needs. Simbo, with its human-like intelligence is skilled to assist Doctors in their day-to-day tasks, ensuring they focus only on treating Patients.

5 days working