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Internships Modules

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Interact with prospective students over a call, chats or through emails and convert them into confirmed applications 2. Provide the right information to students 3. Identify new sales leads 4. Convert leads to admissions 5. Pitch products and/or services 6. Contact potential students 7. Plan and oversee the new marketing initiative 8. Report on a daily basis 9. Suggest better marketing plans which can include ATL and BTL activities What would intern learn in this internship? 1. Training on search engine optimization, content marketing, SMO, Link building, Viral marketing, email marketing 2. Creating marketing contents to be uploaded over the website 3. Creating contents for advertisements and assisting designer to get it done

We are a young educational-technology start-up that is charting new routes in the domain of professional education. Going beyond the traditional focus on data concepts, DataTrained takes a wider approach in introducing students to the real world of data. This includes an immersive development of logical reasoning and an inquiry-based approach tailored towards building a data aptitude. There is a stark difference in the data analytics that is typically taught in the current aura and the real world data sets/analytics/issues which is often described as the most beautiful and high paying. The DataTrained mission is to reveal this beauty of data to young college students and aspiring professionals thus helping them develop a holistic understanding of data sets and how to explore and visualize them to solve real-world problems.

Hugh Incentives upto 50K per month