Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Identify all local influence centers like technology companies, gyms, health centers, and communities to expand the market 2. Assist with business development per blueprint and marketing strategy 3. Assist with performing client assessment and coordinate with the office staff to ensure client starts in a timely manner 4. Assist with visits and/or arranging meetings with persons responsible for or in a position to refer clients, this includes private, public and non-profit organizations 5. Utilize monthly marketing and public relations calendar to coordinate activity with a national focus 6. Arrange presentations of services at technology companies, gyms, health centers, communities, and private companies 7. Attend trade shows, conferences, networking events to develop new business opportunities 8. Assist in coordinating various marketing methods including, direct mail, print ads, networking, internet, social media, and develop new methods of marketing 9. Assist with managing a customer feedback system and their detail information

My Vitals is a brand under Vevi Konceptz OPC Private Limited. It is a preventive health care service company which continues to spread the importance of knowing your body composition as opposed to simply monitoring health after corrective care. The information from the My Vitals test allows a personalized report to maintain healthy lifestyles. We use the latest segmental dual frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis method (DSM-BIA). My Vitals continues to build on its current strength and stability in the global composition analysis market. My Vitals has proven itself to be revolutionizing the field of composition analyzers and continues to help people all around the world to see what they are made of.

Certificate, stipend