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What is Math fellowship with Cuemath? This program comprises an elite group of math tutors who are genuinely interested in impacting the lives of children across the world. You will be required to go through a math test and series of training modules which will help us gauge your mathematical skills. Once you complete the module, our reviewing team will deem you qualified for the Fellowship and you can start taking classes. Day-to-day responsibilities include 1. Present lessons in a comprehensive manner using our online platform and visual/audio means to facilitate e-learning 2. Provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning 3. Encourage student participation and lead student discussions to keep them active and engaged in learning 4. Assign educational activities (worksheets, tests, assignments, etc.) 5. Assess and record students' progress and provide feedback Features of the fellowship 1. Online mode of teaching for international students from grade 1-8 (NRI & non-NRI) 2. You will be spending 3-4 hrs/day over a 6-day working week 3. Time slots for teaching: 3am - 8am or 8pm - 12am (according to your availability) 4. Minimum of 8 classes (8 hrs) per student per month to be taken Required 1. Laptop/Desktop with stable internet (>8 Mbps) 2. Electronic writing pad If this is of interest, please fill the below form. Our reviewing team will get in touch with you. Form: https://forms.gle/YNnKJ2EWqYTrBVjC9

We are a young educational-technology startup that is charting new routes in the domain of mathematics education. Going beyond the traditional focus on mathematical concepts, Cuemath takes a wider approach to introduce students to the real world of mathematics. This includes an immersive development of logical reasoning and an inquiry-based approach tailored towards building mathematical aptitude.

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