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We require an inspirational intern who loves to play outside the comfort zone, loves to tackle criticism and has its LEARNING MODE button ON all the time.We would further appreciate if the intern is passionate and possess Time Management skills. We are looking for a candidate who can organize his work and be in sync with the Team at the same time.If you are full of the above skills then working with Institute of Digital Marketing will be the best career decisions you can ever make.It's auspicious to work at a place where in you won't even realize that you are far beyond your comfort zone and work is full of fun!!.It's our way to execute excellence by adding ingredients of fun, discipline and management to work.Once you add fun to work your paychecks will in return add fun to your life.Come visit us at our Andheri office on 20th and 21st May 2017 and enjoy being a part of Institute of Digital Marketing.

Institute of Digital Marketing is a firm that prepares what we call the SPARTANS of Digital Marketing Arena.We expand our domain into many services such as consultancy, training affiliate marketing etc.We believe in earning your experience and let your experience be the firm edifice of your success story.

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