Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Gathering market and customer Information Collection\r\n2. Contact client and explain company background, and BuziBrAIns\' supplier network project\r\n3. Gather information from client to complete the online/onsite SME industrial survey (industry specific survey form will be provided)\r\n4. Encourage clients to be part BuziBrAIns\' Supplier Network and Complete Supplier Network Subscription Process including Payment of Subscription Charges from Client.\r\n5. Achieving Functional targets in terms of the number of clients as well as the contributing towards company\'s growth.

At BuziBrAIns, we are a team of an enthusiastic and energetic group of IT people working towards the common goal of making the lives quite simpler and easier with our innovations based on Artificial Intelligence. We design and develop scalable business process management solutions with the help of A.I.M.S. (artificially intelligent management software). At BuziBrAIns, we are setting up the process where the cost of the business computerization will be reduced. Technology will again play a major role here, as we plan to computerize the entire supply chain process with direct client interactions with our business associates.

LOR,Certificate Of completion,PPO