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Internships Modules

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Delivering lessons on a Scratch programming language for 2-3 hours every day 2. Delivering lessons on app programming languages for 2-3 hours every day 3. Evaluating student's performances in class and on tests and providing feedback 4. Helping in personalising content for the student

Kid Aptivity is a learning platform focused on everything apart from studies. We are an ed-tech startup that is looking to pioneer the 360-degree development of children. We aim to start the next billion-dollar revolution pioneering new ways of learning for kids. We have already closed our initial funding and have successfully launched 3 programs- RoboQ, FitQ, and CodeQ. Our founders are startup veterans and have held leadership positions with successful startups with Ola, Lenskart, etc

Certificate Letter of recommendation