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•Searching, analyzing and compiling technical and patent, non-patent, product and other business competitive intelligence information

IPCalculus (www.ipcalculus.com) is a leading knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) of India in the intellectual property research, technology research, business research and analytics domains, working across diversified technology domains (Healthcare, Medical device, Electronics & Telecommunication, Semiconductor, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Chemistry, Mechanical & Automotive, etc). IPCalculus clients includes multinational firms including fortune 500 companies, start-up firms, law firms, licensing firms, venture capitalists and individual inventors. IPCalculus’ business model is highly scalable with a strong competitive differentiator built in its service offerings - which involves well defined robust proprietary methodology, highly qualitative IP research done by well integrated, educated & committed professional team and use of proprietary innovative system platform to deliver services to clients.

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