Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Communication & Engagement: a. Create compelling communication for projects b. Prepare strategic communication and engagement plan for projects. c. Execute plan within expected time frame. d. Work with the marketing team to generate creatives e. Measure and present results of engagement communication efforts. f. Set timing of release of communication to coordinate with engagement initiatives. 2. Gamification set-up: a. Before project roll out in c-ordination with the implementation team 3. Reporting a. Project impact and performance reporting 4. Employee Engagement a. Creation of employee engagement strategy and implementation plan (Digital & Physical) b. Sending emailers to create employee engagement as required c. Co-ordination with team for running floor activities as part of employee engagement 5. Project management: a. Account Management b. End to end project management with the execution team

We at TGC, have successfully used gamification principles combined with other behavioral sciences principles such as Appreciative Inquiry and Value Creation Process. It goes beyond points, badges and leaderboards by enabling every individual to build relationships, cultivate their creativity and to optimize their potential in any field.

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