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Php Wrodpress intern We are looking for creative professionals who are passionate about Graphics Design. Apply ONLY if you fulfil the following criteria 1. You have excellent Adobe photoshop skills. You can quickly churn out designs in Adobe photoshop. 2. You are highly creative. Given a concept, you can create a graphic design to give shape to the concept. 3. You have passion for learning new things and are curious in nature 4. You are willing to work very hard 5. You want to make a career in Creative Design or Digital marketing areas As part of the internship , you will also learn Graphics Design Psychology of Design Psychology of persuasion through graphic design Elements of content that go viral How to express concepts through images

About Concilio Orbis is a conference of likeminded individuals who have come together to add unique value to diverse segments of a united business world. The company, started in the year 2016 by young and dynamic entrepreneurs, seeks to explore the innumerable possibilities provided by the prevailing conducive environment. This infusion of youthful energy is no doubt the USP of our organization and hence the birth of ideas and its conceptualization and implementation takes a never before explored path ensuring satisfaction of our clients. Concilio Orbis exists on its four unique yet strong pillars extending its influence in the fields of Information Technology, Hospitality, Entertainment and Personal space. Its four verticals include Creainntec , Concilio Events, Tatvam Resorts and CardBanao. Creainntec With the advent of information technology and internet the world has become a smaller place. Businesses are done globally and now there is only one macro market. E commerce has opened the doors of countless potential. So it has become imperative that every company, be it a product based company or a services based, promotes itself , first and foremost through its website which no doubt has to be unique and give the visitors a fulfilling experience. We at Creainntec have the expertise and talent to design, build and maintain websites which are custom made according to the requirement of our clients. We also help our clients to promote their businesses by designing mobile apps and hand hold them by providing our expertise to market and advertise the products/services digitally. Our dedicated team works round the clock to ensure timely delivery and we walk you through every stages of implementation. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the field of development of websites, mobile apps and in digital marketing…(click here for more info) Concilio Events In the present days, where “Begin with a Bang” is the motto, more and more companies and organizations launch their businesses with a lot of fanfare and blast. And why not? One needs to be seen to be approached for business. Concilio Events are specialists in organizing, coordinating and arranging events thus giving that extra edge to any start up. Our main focus in on corporate launches and artists management …(Click here to know more) Card Banao An app for the youth, by the youth. Every day is a special day.Every day is a celebration. What better way to wish, greet and reveal your feelings but through a beautifully designed card. Card Banao is a very unique app where one can give that personal touch to one’s creation. We provide the tools, we provide the colours, we provide the words and you just need to put in your feelings and share it with your loved ones…(click here to know more..) Tatvam Resort A heritage hotel 50 kilometers from the busy din of the beautiful Jaipur, your stay with us will help you to find your inner self in its pure, elementary form. We provide rejuvenating, refreshing and invigorating experience(s) during your stay with us. A unique mélange of adventure and tradition, Tatvam resorts are for anyone who wants to walk back to one’s roots. Excellent and personalized service, mouth watering cuisines and affordable rates make Tatvam Resorts an attractive option for a lazy and fun filled vacation in the Royal Rajasthan….(Click here to know more..)

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