Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

*Job Description* 1. Leads and Sales Generation. Creating Marketing Pitches. Digital Marketing and Promotion 2. Interacting with Potential Customers for demonstration and Presentation. 3. Reviewing Sales Performance and Aiming to Achieve monthly Targets. 4. Create Marketing Pitches 5. Maintaining accurate records nd updating database in Excel daily. *Duration*: 1 month. *Flexible working hours *Stipend*: Rs. 1,000

We believe in the empowerment and upliftment of tribal arts. Established in 2017 to create a pavement of opportunities towards the welfare of tribal art, we ensure a platform for our tribal community to flourish in their artistic talents. We, at Universal Tribes, have designed a wholesome working structure and environment to showcase the efforts, passion, and tremendous capabilities of the tribal community. We motivate artists to rise and shine in their respective art and add to the betterment of society. We aim to create a global identity.

*Perks* : Internship Program. 1) Certificate of Excellence. 2) Certificate/Letter of Recommendation. 3) Chance to work in collaboration with partner companies worldwide. 4) An exciting environment to express your passion and talents, develop your skills. 5) An opportunity to contribute to a leading company, and grow personally and professionally.