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Internships Modules

f you have the skills to make a sale; this opportunity is the perfect fit for you.\r\n\r\nThe candidate will be made familiar with the App and our platform. GimBooks is a cloud-based Invoicing and accounting platform for Mobile shop owners.\r\nThe intern has to connect to mobile shop owners in his/her city and onboard them to our App. Onboarding will include make the retailers to download the app and create one demo Invoice. Onboarding training will be provided to selected candidates. Candidates fluent in local languages will have an advantage.\r\nUnlimited earning opportunity. Pay will be performance-based with minimum earning of Rs.3000 per month (on minimum onboardings). High Incentives of 25% will be given on every conversion.\r\n\r\nWhat\'s unique?\r\n\r\n- You earn very high Incentives on your customers (who subscribes to our app after 15 days trial period). \r\n- We never ask you to leave. Continue with us as long as you want.

GimBooks offers a cloud based accounting and book keeping platform, geared mainly towards small and micro-sized businesses, which is easy to use, economical and offers domain based bookkeeping.

1. Certificate of completion of Internship.\r\n2. Goodies and Certificate of appreciation to top performers in every city (every month).\r\n3. Bonus of 10,000 for the top performer in every state (every quarter). Certificates for the same.\r\n4. Letter of recommendation to everyone who completes internship (Minimum one month).\r\n5. Long term engagement offers with GimBooks (Performance based)