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Day to Day Task included\r\nAbout the work from home job/internship\r\nSelected intern\'s day-to-day responsibilities include:\r\n\r\n1. Working on the account growth for Telegram, Discord, and Twitter accounts owned by the company and personal, purely organically\r\n2. Working on the targeting and distribution of the given link or content (post) for one or more of the following platforms, Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, Steemit, Bitcointalk, Discord and making a targeting plan (mentions, hashtags for maximum impact) and working on it\r\n3. Working on some inorganic shilling (likes, favorites) from your team\r\n4. Working on a strategy for the given high-level goal e.g. acquire $100,000 more in Tezos delegations to our Baker, and coming up with high-level strategic plans, budgets, and executions\r\n5. Creating a requirement on The Go using templates

AnythingAI was founded in 2015 with sole aim of helping clients monetize there data with our custom solutions. We specialize in AI, Deep Tech and Advanced Analytical solutions while driving out complexity from how applications are conceptualized, designed and created with a great team. We believe in continuous research and a desire to make things better. The real foundation for the services that we offer to clients is our profound understanding for the strategic nature of any product endeavor. Our work portfolio covers up areas like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Advanced analytics.

Incentives based on performance