Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

Selected intern\'s day-to-day responsibilities include: \r\n\r\n1. Have to promote our Instagram handle Page (Screenshots has to be sent for proof)\r\n2. Have to create creative content for our Instagram page.\r\n3. Have to do work assigned as per requirements.

This is a Non- Profit Student Organisation / Society which is related to Shivaji College, University of Delhi. Shivaji College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi. It is a co-educational institution and imparts instruction in various subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The college has extensive playgrounds which provide an excellent opportunity to students to participate in various games and sports. Not only has the college won prizes in various sporting events several times, but also, some of the students of the college have represented the University and the State of Delhi in competitions that were held at the Inter-University or National level, with some of them participating in international events as well. The college has various societies dedicated to art, literature, dance, debate, music, and most especially theatre. The theatre society of Shivaji College, named VAYAM, is one of the top college theatre societies of India

1. Certificate 2. Flexible work hours 3. 5 days a week