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Internships Modules

1) The online space is competitive and We closely monitor growth. Our intern is expected to churn new growth strategies basis market research. 2) We believe in thinking out of the box. We welcome new ideas at work. Bur be prepared to back it with with some solid data 3) Communication is important in our space. Fluency in English language and great communication skills are required. This would be a key factor as you would be interacting and communicating with existing and potential customers 4) We work on weekly | monthly schedules for our brands across all social platforms and you would be expected to create and implement the schedules. 3) Time Management is our priority. You would be expected to meet deadlines, monitor postings and maintain consistency on the schedule across all social platforms and ensure all the responsibilities are met in a timely manner 4) Implementing brand awareness across social platforms 5) Research upcoming trends and recommend new activities and ideas for the online space

We are the 4th generation catering to the printing and garment industry. Over the years, our firm has been growing extensively ensuring high quality with our team of experienced designers and artisans.

Paid Internship