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We are looking for interns who are as passionate about technology as us. As an intern you would be working on critical modules of the application and would directly contribute to the final product. Our current application uses MEAN stack and is powered by Amazon Cloud servers. There is no specific pre-requirement but significant past experience in javascript, machine learning or cryptography would be preferred. Apart from the great learning during the internship we will also provide you with a monthly stipend of INR 20-30k , depending on your skill and experience. Applications are open for full semester intern from Jan- Jun/July 2016 and also summer intern from May- July 2016. Anyone who is interested in the program or wants to know more about our company, please contact us at any of the following email ids: ankur@signzy.com arpit@signzy.com

Signzy is a Bangalore based Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Our digital contract mangement system enables signing of contracts using biometric authentication system. Block-chain based digital trail further ensures non-repudiation. Block chain is also a key technology in crypto-currency such as bitcoin. Our founding team comprises of serial entrepreneurs from IIT Delhi and IIT Khargpur. We are backed by passionate investors who value innovation in both technology and design.

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