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Selected candidates day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Achieve marketing services targets and assist a specified group of individuals for the company via phone 2. Manage and maintain data of the subjects 3. Enhance the credibility of the company, give a brief description of the offered services, and follow-up with the targeted public 4. Provide updates to the target population effectively, as and when required 5. Work on conducting inbound calls with the intended audience 6. Service targets spread across offered courses, batches, the available number of seats, fees, discounted rates, etc.

DTF Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd. (Digital Task Force) is a digital forensics and specialized information security solutions and services company. It helps customers in law enforcement and enterprises to identify, prevent, detect, resolve and protect from threats, crimes, frauds, and acts of terrorism arising due to the vast proliferation and usage of digital, communication applications and artifacts in our personal and professional lives.

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