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Are you the witty one who surprises people by making amusing observations from normal life situations? Do you wonder looking at books why they write simple stuff in over-complicated language? Do you find it easy to convey your thoughts in exciting ways that people relate with? Do people remember and enjoy their conversations with you? If yes, this is the role fit for you. Responsibility: Your role is immensely important in increasing the effectiveness of our product. You will be responsible for preparing interactive and relatable content around our core concepts - be it various life scenarios communicated in the form of a story, or creating a flow of conversations which keeps the targeted audience involved and pro-active. Your creativity will be crucial in establishing a chord with people. You will lead the blog series and social media campaigns under consideration during the time of your involvement. Application Process A. Duration: 3 months (flexible) starting May B. The last date of application is April 07, 2017 C. Applicants should send us the mail titled 'Internship Application - (FULL NAME)' with the following 3 attachments (in PDF format) on connect@abhivyakti.co 1. CV (Curriculum Vitae) 2. A letter on 'What gives meaning to your life? How do you wish to impact lives of people?' 3. A letter on 'Why do you wish to work with us?' D. Location: Delhi-NCR E. The selected candidates will receive confirmation through mail with details of next step

Teenage years have a long-lasting impact on one's personality and character. We at Abhivyakti are addressing the root of teenage challenges by enabling teenagers to resolve their distorted emotions. We further engage with stakeholders to create an encouraging, unbiased & non-judgmental environment for teenagers to grow and develop. [to know more, visit www.abhivyakti.co] We are a young organization in early stages of growth. Abhivyakti is and will always be a journey to grow as individuals for everyone who forms our family. Our work is inspired by our drive to make a difference in the lives of people and thus, creating and delivering an impactful product is the non-replaceable priority of our work. Further, we believe that passion and uninhibited expression bring efficiency. Hence, we aspire to be a workplace where individuals find all the freedom to express themselves.

A. Growth: Mature personally by gaining immensely from the broad world-view of the team. Grow professionally by being directly in-charge for major responsibilities at work being ably supported by us. B. Culture: Work in an environment that encourages you to express yourself with freedom and responsibility. We are not afraid of making mistakes. We only demand strong will and clear intention. C. Remuneration: We do not want anyone in the team to be worried about unnecessary issues. Thus, we offer a monthly monetary remuneration as a token of appreciation for your effort. D. Exposure: Notwithstanding the fact that you will be working with an impact focused startup, you will receive great insights into the functioning of schools and psyche of teenagers and stakeholders. E. Employment: We are looking for people who are passionate about our cause and commit themselves for a long haul to build Abhivyakti together with us. Our brief interaction during internship might lead to a more permanent relationship.