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A virtual internship is a work experience program where the intern gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the location. GlobalShala is venturing to make a good world better by extending affordable global educational opportunities and purposeful possibilities that will open up hopes and dreams of lifelong learners across the globe through training students via the mode of virtual internships. To know more about us, you can visit www.globalshala.com.\r\nGlobalShala’s relationship with colleges, schools, and educators is critical to maintaining and growing program activity in India that will nurture our relationship with educators to foster common goals for internationalizing schools and colleges. The VI Facilitator Intern will report to the Head Facilitator to manage, strategize and guide the interns through the virtual internship program.\r\nEssential Functions:\r\n \r\nManaging the allotted batch of virtual interns\r\nConducting weekly meetings with virtual interns to ensure the work is being carried out smoothly\r\nGenerating weekly presentations and reports of each virtual intern\'s progress\r\nGuiding and supporting high school/ undergraduate students in their internship journey\r\nHelp students and clarify their doubts, queries\r\nProvide feedback and reviews on the intern\'s progress\r\nSupporting the development of intern’s understanding and knowledge gained through the internship\r\nWorking on any other assigned task

GlobalShala is an experiential learning platform equipping you with 21st Century skills through lifelong learning opportunities.

Perks:\r\nStipend of INR 5000 per month\r\nFlexible work hours \r\nLetter of Recommendation (depending upon performance) \r\nCertificate of Internship (on completion of your internship successfully) \r\nDiscounted tuition fee for masters in our partnered Universities