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Responsibilities of an Intern: 1. Requires the highest level of professionalism, which includes arriving on time for designated work. 2. Notifying the faculty of any deviations from the established schedule, and dressing to the standards of the organization and the work being performed. 3. Respect the organization’s reporting structure and follow the policies and procedures of the organization. 4. Communicate effectively with the respective staff. 5. Complete and submit to the faculty Weekly Time Logs. Complete and discuss with the faculty the midterm and final evaluations. Technology Expertise: Live Stream Technologies provides Internship Programmes for BE/B.Tech,Bsc(CS),Bsc(IT),BCA,ME/M.Tech,Msc(CS),Msc(IT),MCA Students in the following Technologies: 1.PYTHON+MySQL+MongoDB 2.PHP+MySQL+MongoDB 3.Android+PHP Integration 4.JAVA & J2EE 5.LARAVEL FRAMEWORK 6.DJANGO FRAMEWORK 7.R LANGUAGE 8.DATASCIENCE WITH PYTHON 9.MACHINE LEARNING WITH PYTHON 10.ARTIFICIAL INTELLIENGE WITH PYTHON 11.ANGULAR JS,NODE JS,JQUERY,REACT JS

Live Stream Technologies (LST) is a software development company headquartered in Coimbatore, India. The cornerstone of the company's outsourcing strategy is a balancing combination of onsite presence and service delivery. Live Stream Technologies is a leading software development company, which is into customized software applications, website development services based on a range of platforms and technologies. Live Stream Technologies provides Web designing, Application Development and Maintenance Outsourcing services that lead to business process improvement. This allows for reduction of costs and enables business growth. Live Stream’s Application Development and Maintenance Services is a part of its IT Services Group

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