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To provide end to end services for static websites.Platform used is WordPress and wix.

Innodesk Media is a company with a deeply-rooted entrepreneurial culture, creative innovation at its core. Our forte lies in as much as amalgamating innovations and innovators viz; strategists, creatives, storytellers, designers, technologists, and producers to conceive and execute Ideas Without Limits. A diverse team, multi-disciplinary processes, and collaborative culture enable us to unlock unlimited innovation potential for our clients. Our essential expertise involves Web-Tech services, UX/UI design, Social Media Marketing, Brand Strategy, and PR/Media services. We craft meaningful brands through identity, print, and digital experiences for small or big businesses. Innodesk Media was founded on the idea of getting back to basics—working with a handful of talented people and keeping things honest, focused and thoughtful. We’re inspired by the passion in our clients and we truly care about seeing them succeed. Whatever the challenge, Innodesk Media will always have a creative reaction. We believe in venturing deep into understanding our client’s business and service them end to end on brand & marketing initiatives - building a long-term engagement. As a testimony to our commitment - we are working with small and medium-scale companies to help them evolve themselves.

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