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Location : Tamil Nadu

Posted by: V.subhalakshmi
Posted date: 02,Jul,2016

I attended the workshop on April 28 & 29 it was very useful.And they give opportunities to students who have an innovative thinking.

makeintern testimonial

Location : Delhi

Posted by: Preeti
Posted date: 29,Apr,2016

If you are also passionate for learning about digital marketing then, they are just the right choice for students like me. They have exceptional trainers who will guide you in a way which will make you more efficient and will also help you to know your true potential to survive in the professional world.

makeintern testimonial

Location : Andhra Pradesh

Posted by: Punam
Posted date: 27,Apr,2016

I have been exceptionally amazed with the team of MakeIntern as they offer best opportunities to the students like me. The team of MakeIntern works as efficiently as they strategize all the inquiries of the students in order to help them to make the right decision. I got placed in a well-reputed company and I think to get associated with MakeIntern was my best decision for my career.

makeintern testimonial

Location : Telangana

Posted by: Alok
Posted date: 26,Apr,2016

MakeIntern is an online portal which is the right choice for the students who are interested for being a digital marketing professional. I am a simply graduate student and was not aware of various professional courses but when I got to know about digital marketing profession through MakeIntern then I decided to go for it and I think it was my right decision.

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Location : Uttar Pradesh

Posted by: Priyanka
Posted date: 23,Apr,2016

I had a great experience with MakeIntern as it really helped me a lot to know my real potential. I was so confused about my career plans and was not able to decide anything but when I hit the website of MakeIntern and got connected with them, then they were the one who offered their various services and also make me think about my career option as a digital marketing professional. It was really impressive.

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