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Internships Modules

1. Creating and designing all the required collateral for events. 2. Will be representing and promoting the company's brand at various startup events. 3. Making a thorough report of each event. 4. Online Promotion 5. Bringing in potential leads for the company

Co.Lab.Orate, is a coworking space that aims to provide affordable space to independents, freelancers, travellers, indigenous startups and entrepreneurs and develop a self-driven community. It has been setup for maintaining the global values of community, openness, collaboration, accessibility, and sustainability. Coworking at Co.Lab.Orate is a beautiful, incredible, exciting, and really important thing as it lets one work in an absolutely casual and informal environment while at the same time rubbing elbows with diverse people. The in-house event and workshops also nurture and develop the entrepreneur in an individual.

1. Working along with some of the smartest individuals in the city 2. Working on cutting edge problems 3. Chance to learn how startups work and what it takes to build a startup 4. Exposure to various domains