How a Winter Internship Can Benefit Your Career Plan

How a Winter Internship Can Benefit Your Career Plan
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 30,Dec,2021

Internship is a hot discussion topic in the community of career development conscious people. As the winter break is just a couple of weeks away for the students and many professionals also, joining a winter internship is a good opportunity to advance your competitive skills and to be more productive at workplaces. Although the concept of joining winter internship or summer internship is not new, still, the aspiring interns have many queries about the scope, availability, and benefits.   

Where To Find Winter Internship

An internship is an opportunity provided by employers for the students and engaged professionals interested to get task-specific work experience. Internship offers can be explored at numbers of online platforms. Some corporate businesses offer internships through their business websites. The top brands offering quality internships in India are Britannia, PayPal, ITC, Cadbury, Microsoft, NITI, DMRC, Urban-Company, etc. The top internship websites to find a suitable to objectives internship are Makeintern, Learntoupgrade, LinkedIn, LetsIntern, FreshersWorld etc. The top cities you can focus to get internship are Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore etc.   

Scope and Benefits of Winter Internships

Internship is beneficial for both the employers and interns. Employers get a helping hand with the basic skills at almost no-cost to complete the task quickly, interns get a chance to learn from the experienced experts as well as to apply their own knowledge. Internship offers are available in almost in all the areas; may it be technical or non-technical. Real life experience by exposure to practical conditions and challenges makes internships a must for fresh job seekers and employees looking to add new expertise to their portfolio. Balancing life and internship workload is an added skill because most of winter internships have larger workload comparative to summer internships. If you can afford 100% dedication for internship, joining an internship in winter is a good option. The scope of internship evolves around-

•    Assisting and contributing to a team

•    Learning and gaining experience

•    Shadowing  a senior to assist

•    Taking more responsibilities

•    Brushing up soft skills

•    Picking career-relevant hard skills

•    Developing a peer support group

Top Winter Internships You Can Chase for in 2021 & 2022

Getting paid internship or unpaid internship is your solo decision. However, unpaid internships come with less workload, less responsibilities, and less learning scope. Joining an internship is just like joining a job but with only difference of payout, limited job role, and services period. Choosing winter internship or summer internship depends upon the availability of time. The major advantage of winter internships is that these are programmed for short duration comparatively to summer duration. When your college is off for winter season, utilizing your winter break holidays by joining a winter internship to strengthen your competencies is a good way. The top categories to explore career-oriented internships are-   

1.    Digital Marketing

2.    Content Writing

3.    Database Research

4.    Business Development

5.    Website design and development

6.    Graphic design  

7.    HR marketing

8.    Popular management

9.    SEO & Social media marketing

10.    Public relation and branding  

Finding a winter internship offer is no more a tedious task nowadays, as you have access to many internship job portals but the selection of objective-oriented internship means a lot. You should focus on role and responsibilities during the internship period. The repute of the business offering internship also matters. While choosing an internship, analyze your personal comfort and objectives. The internship should be supportive to your career plan. The concern for ‘Paid internship’ or ‘free internship’ becomes less important in case of winter internship because most these are just for a couple of weeks.

So, decide, explore, compare, select, analyze, and evaluate to get the best from the winter internship.