Importance of Internship for MBA students in India

Importance of Internship for MBA students in India
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 17,Jun,2017

The internship is an important segment of the degree program for MBA students in India. It offers great exposure to the students which help them when they actually start their career. Almost every business school in India has made summer internship compulsory for all students. Let us explore the importance of a good internship program for MBA students:

1. Understanding of the Role & Responsibilities

When you take an internship with an organisation of your interest, you get to learn about various roles and responsibilities that you need to prepare yourself to take up in the future. Thus, it is a lot easier for you to fit into those responsibilities when you coming out fresh from a Business School.   

2. Invaluable Work Experience

There is nothing that can replace the learning that you acquire with actual work experience. An internship is a wonderful chance to gain experience that is invaluable for any fresh candidate looking for its first job opportunity. It also adds more value to your resume.

3. Boost your skills

An internship provides a vital exposure to the talented students that help them to learn about the challenges and more importantly how to tackle them. It might be a small experience in terms of length but can be a huge learning curve in terms of value. When you complete the internship, you feel more confident to take up the challenges. Overall, an internship is a great learning program to gain skills.    

4. An internship can be a route to pre-placement offer

You impressive performance during an internship can earn you a pre-placement offer. There are many companies that use the internship as an opportunity to access the skills and knowledge of a student. Instead of conducting any exclusive recruitment program, the recruitment experts get involved with the candidates during the internship to judge their suitability for the company. Thus, you must always give your best during the internship and try to take internship from a good organization.