Real Experience of Internship at MakeIntern

Real Experience of Internship at MakeIntern
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 27,Dec,2016

Ankur Pandey: It was a learning experience at MakeIntern. I was searching internship in marketing profile but I didn’t got any opportunity, so I got connected with MakeIntern as it is the platform where students can get best internship opportunities.

I have cracked the interview of MakeIntern itself and I got selected for marketing profile.

It was my first day at MakeIntern and I was quite excited for the work that has been assigned to me. I liked the environment as people were very frank and dedicated towards their work"


Make Intern is the best place if you are searching for internship opportunities in India as it will absolutely going to help you to become an expert of your field. Make Intern Team assures that the students get out of their world of books and experience some practical work.


The internship was really helpful for me as it is the best way to get hands-on experience and to learn as much as you can in your desired field. It is just not possible to experience the professional world without internship and I think it is the opportunity which should be grabbed by the students to learn and explore about their profession.


The Internship program was a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a marketing field. I took knowledge obtained in the classroom and applied it in the workplace.

“I gained deeper insights into the marketing industry and it has helped me significantly with my career planning. I developed a better understanding of the career path of marketing through the internship, helped me to make an informed career decision.


In my opinion, students must try to learn as much as they can while doing an internship to get the most desired job. They can use technologies to learn and develop different skills which can help students like me to flourish their career.