Best ways to crack an Interview

Best ways to crack an Interview
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 27,Mar,2017

Had you ever thought that even after having all the degrees, grades and prerequisites, what is that thing which led to innumerable sleepless nights to job seekers? Let me answer it that’s the interview. Yes it is the interview that doesn’t allow you to anxiety and loss of appetite while you are gearing up for a recruitment.

It’s next to impossible to provide all the tips and tricks in just an article, so I a sharing some important tips and tricks here to guide and motivate you. Keep some important points in your mind, they are:

  • Overcome the fear of rejection – Don’t pressurize yourself because it’s just an opportunity and most importantly not the last one in your life. Trust me it will boost your confidence to the nest level.


  • Understand the requirement of the job and cross check your skills – We all are in search of a good job and we mustn’t forget that at the same time companies also are looking for best employees and they are rigid to it as the procedure of recruitment is often very costly. So they will go hard at you. So first of all cross check your skills and most important thing is to brush up your basics.


  • Show mannerism and research well about the company - There are some basic things like fabrication of your CV, involving in an argument with the interviewer that you should never practice. Apart from that research every single detail about the company well as you are going to have a set of questions on that also.


  • Always be honest on your side – Never lie, because it can led you to be blacklisted. So be honest if you don’t know the answer say it as it is because if you lie and try to use your guessing power you are going to be in a trap.


So just keep it simple and keep your head calm. Read the article several times and for more subscribe to our newsletter and follow us at