Boost Your Career in 2021 with Office or Virtual Internship

Boost Your Career in 2021 with Office or Virtual Internship
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 08,Jan,2021

You might have heard a getting louder buzz about the internship. Why are you coming across so many advertisements for office internships and virtual internships? Should you also join an internship? Will an internship boost up your job performance and career growth potential?

What Is An Internship?     

It is a short-term opportunity to work with highly qualified and experienced professionals. The companies offer a range of internships for different job roles helping you have hands-on experience and boost up your confidence in applying the learned skill. The engagement may be full-time or part-time. You might be paid or not for the services; it depends upon the agreement.    

Importance of Internship for 2021:  

When we are heading towards the new normalcy after suffering from a jolt of Covid-19, everyone is emphasizing to boost up the career growth. Students and professionals are searching for new ways to compensate for the learning, earning, and progress oriented loss caused by the Covid-19. The year 2021 will be full of opportunities but finding a dream job will be more challenging because the companies/businesses/HR professionals are more focused to hire candidates with specific expertise in a particular domain like digital marketing, web development, graphic designing, social media marketing, sales, manufacturing, etc. A rightly chosen internship improves your competency for a particular career goal.      

Why The Buzz About Internship Is Getting Louder? The Internship Benefits:  

    An opportunity to apply the gained knowledge

    An opportunity to test your skills and to refine the perfection for a specific job role  

   An opportunity to build up a network of professionals who often guide you to progress faster

    An opportunity to improve your credibility for higher courses in spare time    

    An opportunity to get work experience that makes you more competitive for a job role

    An opportunity to assess the nature of a specific job, suitability and the challenges

    An opportunity to add an edge of specialization to your CV  

Office Internship Or Virtual Internship: Which Should Be Your Choice?  

Finding a good internship offer is an important task because the success in the selection of the right internship contributes to your ultimate gains. The companies like MakeIntern provide a range of internship opportunities as well as high in demand professional courses. While other aspects of internship remain almost the same in most of the offers, selecting between office internship and virtual internship is the major concern of most students and professionals.

Office internship also called on-site internship needs regular physical presence at the working station to perform the assigned job role. The virtual internship provides the freedom to work from remote locations. Both the formats have their pros and cons but the ‘work from culture’ is making virtual internship a preferred choice.

Concluding Note:

According to a report published by CompareCamp on May 26, 2020, completing an internship increases the job offers by 16% because Covid-19 has changed the recruitment approach. An article published in The Economic Times on January 14, 2020, states that number of active interns crossed 1 million figure in 2019. Makeintern is a leading digital platform that facilitates you to find the best-suitable authentic virtual and office internship opportunities as well as value-added virtual short-term professional courses to improve the potential for a lucrative job, promotion, and salary hike.