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Posted date: 29,Apr,2020

In this era of the digital revolution, it's really important to be digital and build your online presence.

Are u one of those who's confused what is digital marketing and how to do this? or does this seem to you like out of syllabus?

Each and every problem has a solution and so does this. Worried about spending 20k -35k just for this course and what if it doesn't turn beneficial.?

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Want to learn this but have a buzzy schedule ? don't worry..there are online courses as well to choose from and there is also a relief for you. Want to know ??

Well, this course is not going to burn your pockets ...No, not at all...It's very well designed keeping the customer's requirement, ease of accessibility, and pocket friendly. Whatever the investment you are going to make, it's gonna pay you a lot more in the future.

Being online is the new trend nowadays and Digitalization is the new Mantra for success. whether you want to earn money, expand your business, or just want to scroll down your newsfeed...DIGITAL platforms has something to offer everyone.

The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the upcoming challenges so that u have a basic and thorough understanding of each and every concept and apply in real life to make your investment worth it.

The faculty is well trained and has enough experience in this field to impart you knowledge.Whatever may be the language u understand Hindi or English, the teachers are always there to clarify your doubt and guide you.

Let me give you a glimpse of what you are going to learn in this professional digital marketing course . Starting from what is Digital marketing and why digital marketing to SEO, SEM, PPC (pay per click ), SMM, Social media Marketing, Blogging, Mobile Marketing, Business, and marketing strategies as well as knowledge about E-commerce store, we have everything in our course to give you an upper hand in starting of your new journey.

The first step to go digital is to build your own website..and guess what? you are also going to learn this using Wordpress, which is one of the best platforms online. Email Marketing has the highest conversion rate and you are also going to learn about it so that you have a fair knowledge about this and can do it for yourself instead of on being dependent on someone else.

Wait...There's even something else in your bucket list...Wondering about the results ? After being online, doing everything u can do to promote your business and want to gain an insight into how are you performing? Well, your perfomance does matter but the same matters for even your competitor. It's equally important to analyse that even . So, that's why there is another offering in the course - Google Analytics.

SEO helps you result in top of search engine results page, SMM in marketing. There is everything in the course which you will require in being successful online.

But still, there's a saying - Practice makes a man perfect. So, after the completion of this course, there's a beautiful gift waiting for you - 100% Internship assistance.
I don't think so of anything more wonderful than this. Not only you get theoretical knowledge of Digital marketing, but also practical exposure as you get hands-on experience. You will not have to search online for internships to apply your classroom learnings or wait on Internshala so that you get a chance. You will be provided an internship and don't worry if you can't do a full-time office internship. You can even do a virtual internship depending on the duration you want to want to do this. you can do an internship from 1 month to 3 months.

This is an excellent opportunity and doesn't wait to let it go off your hands.

Even the learnings you will have from this course will not only help you in getting an internship or just job but also u can earn passive income by freelancing and lots of other ways.


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The best form of investment in yourself. Go out and learn this new skill and conquer the world out there.

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