Overview and Types of Campus Internship Programs to Help Students

Overview and Types of Campus Internship Programs to Help Students
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 26,Nov,2019

Internships play a prime role to give real-world experiences to all individuals seeking to gain relevant knowledge as well as skills required to enter a specific career field. These are relatively short-term in nature and have the focus to provide job training to candidates.

Overview of Internship

Campus internship or simply internship is a type of official program offered by an organizational employer to its potential employees. The latest concept of an internship program has come from medieval apprenticeship. Accordingly, where skilled laborers take on and train their trade activities to young ones. On the other side, the apprentice agrees to work for the craftsman for a specified period.

Types of Internship

Based on the broad classification, internships may be of following types-

Paid Internships

Paid type of campus internship programs exists mainly in big organizations and in private sectors, which have enough money to pay to their students for learning while they work. Paid internship programs have become possible because many organizations are recognizing the internship program's value and their benefits in the process of recruitment.

As these companies or organizations work for training interns, they scrutinize them on each front for evaluating their potential as full-time employees in the near future. Because of this, companies afford to pay interns often decide to offer paid campus internship programs for college students.

Summer Internships

Summer internships are of 8 to 12 weeks long and may be of part-time or full-time. Many students do internships during summer months to get short-term experiences and real insights into working in a specific career field or job. Thus, students get enough time to involve in regular work schedules and obtain valuable skills as well as knowledge. In some cases, you may complete your summer internship programs for credits. Obtaining credit during summers may help you, as it lightens your course load during the spring or fall semester.

Service-Learning Internships

In the case of a service-learning type of internship program, a college student has to meet his/her specific learning objectives. For this, students have to complete a specific type of community-based service work.

Irrespective of the type of internship program, it helps a lot for college students to get lucrative jobs and career growth in the near future.