Overview of Common Internship Programs Offered by Today’s Companies

Overview of Common Internship Programs Offered by Today’s Companies
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 09,Dec,2019

Today, merely curriculum activities are not sufficient to develop the competency level for students. Instead, students should undergo internship programs organized by many companies today. These programs provide them real-world experience and in turn, let them explore the relevant skills to enter a specific career or industry. In this blog post, we will discuss a few of the common internship programs offered by most of the companies today.

Paid Internships

Paid internship programs prevail mainly in the private sector or in any of the big organizations, which have enough money to pay school or college students while they learn to work and develop skills. Many organizations today have recognized the value or significance of internship programs and the benefit they give during recruitment. As the organizations work for training the interns, they also scrutinize them on each front to identify their potential to hire them as full-time workers in the near future.

Summer Internships

Summer internships categorize under both paid and unpaid internship programs. These are mostly of 8weeks to 12weeks and may be of part-time or full time. Many students do summer internships to get short-term experiences followed by a real insight about what exactly is working in a specific career field or job. Accordingly, students get ample time to gain the required skills and acquire knowledge before entering a regular work schedule.

Internships for Credit

Students willing to do internship programs for credit require an academic sponsor for overseeing and setting the specific internship criteria. On the other side, students have to complete an essay, journal or presentation immediately after completing his/her internship to fulfill the academic component associated with the internship program. The written assignment (irrespective of its type) illustrates the skills and knowledge acquired by students during the semester program.

Service-Learning Programs

Service-learning internship programs involve a combination of fulfilling various specific learning objectives, as students have to complete specific types of community-service related tasks. A major aspect of this type of internship program is that it gives benefit to both the trainee and the provider in some way and changes equally based on the experience level.