Top 3 internships from MTV, Uber and Reliance Industries – Apply before your friends do!

Top 3 internships from MTV, Uber and Reliance Industries – Apply before your friends do!
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 27,Nov,2015
1. Show Production Intern, MTV
    Location: Mumbai

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  • You will handle and help with throwing, scripting and other differed responsibilities. 
  • You will ideate on ideas for new programs. 
  • You will watch and take in the creation process on program furthermore dial down the procedure by taking up responsibilities. 
  • You will likewise be required to be interested in new spontaneous responsibilities. 
  • Should be totally head over heels in adoration with the world of TV. Non-debatable. 
  • Have the capacity to make and give presentations and be a decent judge of potential in thoughts. 
  • Should be energetic about working and learning at work. 
  • Should be adaptable and open to amazes of numerous types. 
  • Legitimate, grounded and great with working in a group. 
  • Brownie points for being capable test existing known limits. 
2. Supply Initiatives Intern, Uber 
     Area: Bangalore, Delhi

Uber is  seeking a sharp, amicable, exceptionally sorted out Supply Initiatives Intern to support city operations. This is a chance to work with a stellar operations group on the day by day works that are at the center of Uber. The uncommon chance to change the world such that everybody around you is utilizing the item you manufactured. 

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  • You will be the voice and face of Uber and oversee in-individual interchanges (both 1-1 and 1-numerous) in the middle of Uber and its driver group 
  • You will be a procedure expert and continually improve and emphasize to guarantee most extreme efficiency in our procedures 
  • You will offer us some assistance with working so as to scale speedier intimately with the driver operations and logistics groups to streamline process 
  • You will likewise oversee effectiveness and arrangement, track, arrange, and dispense hardware to driver accomplices 
  • Solid relational abilities and capacity to collaborate with interior and outer accomplices 
  • Better hierarchical aptitudes and capacity than complete on undertakings 
  • Critical thinking capacities and a bona fide enthusiasm for doing so as to learn 
  • An enthusiasm for and energy for Uber 
3. Brand Innovations Executive, Reliance Industries 
     Area: Mumbai 
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  • You'll have to draw in an assortment of aptitudes for this occupation, from comprehension shopper conduct straight up to growing new, significant and connecting with showcasing arrangements 
  • Think imaginatively and execute all encompassing showcasing answers for advance Jio – a development to take India to a computerized life 
  • Remembering Jio's vision of 'Advanced India, you will plan and actualize an advertising approach that will be really transformational 
  • You will market Jio's all out advanced, portable, social and cloud insurgency, both disconnected from the net and online 
  • You will conceptualize new and creative development procedures that will make empower Jio to take India from a time of Data Frugality to the time of Data Abundance, making Digital an, ordinary reality 
  • You will screen and break down rivalry consistently and keep on finding a way to further reinforce Jio's position in buyers' psyches 
  • You will likewise be required to nearly screen and examine computerized patterns, given Jio's potential for expanding India's Internet infiltration 
  • You will keep a track of brand wellbeing, and evaluate against objectives (ROI) to guarantee Jio is constantly on the ball 
  • Enthusiasm and drive towards a greater reason 
  • Better approaches for imagining that outcomes in successful advertising arrangements 
  • Great correspondence, presentation and affecting aptitudes 
  • Vitality and excitement to accomplish greater objectives 
  • Multi-tasking aptitudes 
  • A scientific and imaginative attitude
On the off chance that you are somebody who needs to make a distinction and turn out to be a piece of a development, which will empower a great many Indians to investigate the force of advanced, then Jio will offer you some assistance with achieving that