Work Exploitation – does humanity still exist?

Work Exploitation – does humanity still exist?
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 13,May,2016

When we talk about work exploitation it can be defined as using someone’s labor and in return not providing them what they really deserve. In India, people are highly flexible that they, themselves exploited nicely. Indian tend to think that by doing lots of work beyond their working hours they can show their efficiency and can grow and flourish in their own career.

 This is just not the case in India but also in so many countries that after doing a research on work exploitation you will definitely have a thought of “does humanity still exist in this world”. Let me tell you a case of an employee of a renowned organization named Priyanka, she was subject to brutal exploitation as she was pressured to go on a business trip the day after undergoing a surgery in relation to a miscarriage of twins. Her senior ask her to go and said, I am sorry, but the work is really important and it need to be done on time. Focus on your work and try to look forward in your life.

People need to think about how they can oppose this inhuman act and support the employees who have faced brutal exploitation in their career. It’s time to change this mentality and we are the one who can bring this change in the society. So, from now onwards you must stop exploiting yourself and just do your work efficiently and try to contribute in the organization’s growth as much as you can but without exploiting yourself.

A well said quote by Robert Mayer, “Every exploitative relationship begins with an initial inequality that makes the taking advantage possible. In exploitative relationship the rich get richer and the poor fall further behind”.

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