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Makeintern College Representative 2.0 :- A path of learning

Do you have entrepreneurial  skills? Do you see a change maker in you?

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Finding the Best Internship for Myself

Internships are very helpful for the advancement of our careers. The experience provided by an internship is incomparable. But taking up an internship just for the sake of it proves to be futile. An internship is helpful only when it is d

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Digital Marketing: A Profitable Prospect for All

Marketing and advertising are two very important aspects that contribute significantly to the success of a brand. Traditional marketing methods have for long been used by companies to promote and expand their business. But in the last few y

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MAKEINTERN- be a real professional

When we talk about Makeintern Yes, it is not an easy task to make students the “real professional”. It takes a lot of efforts to execute the planning and strategies to make it work out.

The e

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Polish your Skills before Entering into a Job

After I completed my graduation, I applied in many companies for a job. I was confused as I was a complete fresher and I did not know anything about the job world. As a fresher, I was aiming for making enough money for my survival. After

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Make the world digitalized

Digital marketing is an art of promoting products & services by using various electronic forms to reach the target audience. In today’s era, digital marketing is a term which doesn’t only apply for website but also helps y

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