Natural Language Processing using NLTK

Instructor: Mr. Aditya Ozha

Language: English

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About Natural Language Processing using NLTK

Natural language processing (NLP) is about developing applications and services that are able to understand human languages. Some Practical examples of NLP are speech recognition for eg: google voice search, understanding what the content is about or sentiment analysis etc.

These are some of the successful implementations of Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Google search engine understands that you are a tech guy so it shows you results related to you.

Social websites feed like the Facebook news feed. The news feed algorithm understands your interests using natural language processing and shows you related Ads and posts more likely than other posts.

Speech engines like Apple Siri.

Spam filters like Google spam filters. It’s not just about the usual spam filtering, now spam filters understand what’s inside the email content and see if it’s a spam or not.


Scope of  Natural Language Processing using NLTK

NLP has a broad scope, with so many uses in customer service, grammar check software, business marketing, etc. If you are interested in computing and languages, then NLP is a good career option for you. You can consider career options like NLP Engineer, NLP Architect, etc.

Top skills needed for becoming an NLP Engineer are:

·         Statistical Analysis Skills

·         Machine Learning Concepts and Methods

·         Text Representation Techniques

·         Algorithm Analysis Skills

·         Computer Programming Languages like Python and R, Java.

·         Strong Problem-Solving skills

·         Good Communication Skills

·         Text Clustering Skills


Benefits of  Natural Language Processing using NLTK 

There are many companies gathering all of these data for understanding users and their passions and give these reports to the companies to adjust their plans.

Suppose a person loves traveling and is regularly searching for a holiday destination, the searches made by the user is used to provide him with relative advertisements by online hotel and flight booking apps.

You know what, search engines are not the only implementation of natural language processing (NLP) and there are a lot of awesome implementations out there.



Program has the following eligibility criteria:

1.      Graduation with minimum 50% marks

2.      All the management and business related students, any student who want to join.