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The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 1. Operate in different dimensions like team building, operations, material sourcing, research, strategy and finance etc. 2. We aim at collaborating with international footwear brands to sell our footwear to end consumer. To be able to do that, the candidate will be required to compare financials of the shortlisted brands. Kindly do not apply if you can't read a brand's financials or do number crunching because that's a pre-requisite 3. High heels is not the only project, stimulate aims at constant innovation in the field of non-sports footwear category which requires investment, you should have the skill and intellect to raise the money from investors. It WILL REQUIRE RESEARCH, figuring out the right investors and the minutest details of the investment terms sheet.

Stimulate is a footwear R&D firm founded in August 2015 which is currently working on its invention to create comfortable high heels for women. Stimulate aims at constant Innovation to create world's best product (best in aesthetics and comfort) in the non-sports footwear category for women. The team (10) comprises of the designer (founder), national level biomechanist consultant, Polymer scientist from IIT Roorkee, mechanical engineer, faculty from FDDI, physiotherapist, and Intellectual property consultants, strategists. We have achieved the milestone of innovation in the mechanical structure design and the high heel shank material.