Equity Stock Market Concept, Investment Risk & Derivatives

Instructor: Mr. Bhanu Pratap

Language: English

Enrolled Learners: 19

Validity Period: 180 days

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About Equity Stock Market

Equity stock markets are perhaps the most vibrant and ‘visible’ of all financial markets around the world by virtue of the broad spectrum of participants and the volume and value of transactions traded in these markets. Given that dominant presence, assessing and managing risks in equity stock markets have also become increasingly sophisticated over the years, thanks to several theories such as portfolio theory, CAPM, sharp ratio, etc. that have evolved and matured over the years. This course will address in great detail those theories and how risks are managed/mitigated in equity stock markets around the world.

In this course, part of the Professional Certificate program ’, we will understand the underlying theories as well as the structure and functioning of equity stock markets, how to identify, assess and manage the heightened level of risks in equity stock markets and the role of derivative instruments in hedging those risks.


Scope of Equity Stock Market:

There are many job roles which are available, some of which are:

·         Stockbroker

·         Financial Advisor

·         Investment Advisor

·         Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

·         Research Analyst

·         Online Stock Trading

·         Financial Analyst

·         Equity Analyst (Fundamental/ Technical)

·         Market Researcher

·         MF Distributor/Advisor

·         Insurance distributor/advisor



Benefits of Attending the course:

If anyone is choosing trading as a full-time career option, then there are multiple benefits to it as follows:

·         One can enjoy higher degree of flexibility as compared to a job

·         One can plan and build a career at his own pace

·         You can be your own boss

·         With correct knowledge and strategy, you can earn decent money from the markets

·         One can grow from cash market to derivative market and make leverage their friend

·         One can also become a researcher or a trainer

·         One can become a SEBI registered Investment Advisor or SEBI registered Research Analyst and do consulting


Eligibility :

The People Analytics & Digital HR program has the following eligibility criteria:

1.      Graduation with minimum 50% marks

2.      All the management and business related students, any student who want to join.








Course Content

Module 1: The structure and functioning of equity stock markets

Module 2: The theories governing equity stock markets

Module 3: The pricing and trading aspects

Module 4: The market and regulatory mechanisms governing equity stock markets

Module 5: Capital Market & its Operation

Module 6: Derivatives Market

Module 7: Currency Market

Securities Market Evaluation